The Richer Life System: Create Your Best Life: One Simple Choice

Zig Ziglar, America’s most influential and beloved encourager and believer that everyone could be, do and have more, influenced an estimated quarter of a billion individuals through his 33 books, including the bestseller See You at the Top, which has sold almost two million copies. After reading this book, your untapped greatness becomes visible. Your surest path to success is revealed. We’re confident in this. Because that’s precisely what tens of thousands of people have done who had the fortune to attend Zig Ziglar’s 25-year-running and perpetually sold-out Born to Win seminar upon which this book was based. Today, Zig Ziglar’s legendary seminar comes alive once again to inspire a whole new generation of achievers. For more than 50 years, in a style that is unquestionably his own, Zig Ziglar has used his quick wit, down-home charm, and abundance of energy to inspire excellence in people throughout the world. Let him teach you: ? How to achieve balance by becoming a more complete person in seven key areas of your life ? How to develop and maintain a winner’s attitude and use it to achieve significant personal growth ? How to build stronger professional and personal relationships using your own unique behavioral style ? How to become a better leader, parent, and employee by learning the art of effective communication ? The seven-step goal-setting process that will empower you to achieve exponentially more in less time ? And volumes more

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